Monday, February 16, 2015

The Adrenal Reset Diet

Experiencing adrenal crash twice now, I have been a bit of a student of the adrenals and ways to heal them. This book is fabulous. It's clear, concise, and makes complete sense. It's practical. I wouldn't think you would need the expensive program this Dr. has, the book is doable on your own.
The bulk of the book is informational and the last few chapters are the practical how-to's. There is a quiz to help you determine how healthy your adrenals are. Since this isn't my first rodeo with my adrenals I found the quiz to be quite accurate. Mine are crashed again, which I knew.
If you have been stressed, depressed, can't lose weight no matter what, you're tired and foggy, easily overwhelmed and wake-up tired, you might just have a problem with your adrenals.
I have gained 25 pounds in 5 years, and have been unable to lose the weight in spite of at times heroic efforts at a clean, healthy diet and work-outs. In this book I learned that just stressed my body further and made it harder. Makes sense, since I only gained weight with those efforts and felt worse!
Our genes do not really predict our weight. I used to be very thin no matter what I ate.
Your adrenals determine your weight and many other things as well. You don't hear much about them but they are key!
 "Adrenal hormones control the stress response. When the body is in this high stress state, food is stored as fat instead of burned as fuel. This happens at a cellular level by shifting whether fat responds to insulin or if muscle tissue responds to insulin." Dr. Christanson quoted here.
I read this book and faced facts, then began to do a few simple things to heal my adrenals and I already feel so much better. 6 weeks into it and the improvement is remarkable. Get the book!
*I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased written review.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Crottin de Chavignol | Original Fare in France | PBS Food

This is the exact cheese I want to make this year~

The Perfect Apron Material

Look at this fabric I found today! I must have a new apron!!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Bee Keeper's Son

I'm not usually an amish fiction fan, but this book intrigued me because of the bee keeping written into the story line, and also I felt the need for a mental vacation. I usually read for information, and even if it's agrarian, which I love, it's still mentally taxing. This book was refreshing. In fact, I fell in love with Phineas King. The character development by Kelly Irvin was fantastic.
I had a hard time putting this novel down and read it in less than two days, which, given my hectic days, tells you I certainly did immerse in the story and escape. I really got emotionally involved with the main characters. The Beekeeper's Son was well written and enjoyable.
*I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an unbiased, online, written review.
Sometimes it takes a barren landscape to see the beauty of God’s creation.
Phineas King knows better than to expect anything but shock and pity wherever he shows his face. Horribly scarred from the tragic accident that claimed his mother’s life, he chooses to keep his distance from everyone, focusing his time and energy on the bees his family raises. If no one sees him, no one can judge him. So why does he start finding excuses to seek out Deborah Lantz, the beautiful new arrival in town?
Deborah can’t get out of Bee County, Texas, soon enough. Once her mother and younger siblings are settled, she is on the first bus out of this dusty town. She is only waiting on the letter from Aaron, asking her to return to lush Tennessee to be his fraa. But that letter never comes. As she spends time getting to know Phineas—hoping to uncover the man beneath the scars—she begins to realize that she no longer minds that Aaron hasn’t sent for her.
As both Deborah and Phineas try to come to terms with lives that haven’t turned out the way they imagined, they discover that perhaps Gott’s plans for them are more extraordinary than they could have dreamed. But they need to let go of their own past sorrows and disappointments to find the joy and beauty that lies just ahead for them both.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Apparently we do some things really well around here: coffee and football. Go Hawks! 
I'm so excited we are going to the Super Bowl AGAIN!!
Russell Wilson is so right: God is good all the time!